Divorce Resources

Unfortunately you may have to sell your house as part of the divorce.

Jerry Perkins specializes in getting you top dollar for your house. My role is to remain totally neutral and focus on the sale of the house. I’ve obtained additional training as a Divorce Specialist in Real Estate.

My main goal is to stay focused on preparing the house for a sale. I will guide you through preparing the house for sale. Minor repairs that will help sell the house faster and for more money.

I provide a FREE estimate of what your house should sell for. Getting as much information on your financial situation will be important as you work through this process. I will give you an idea of how minor improvements will increase your sales price.

And just as importantly, I do understand what a stressful time this is for you. My goal is to lighten your burden by focusing on the sale of your house. You will find that I keep in constant contact will all parties. You will always know what’s happening with the sale.

There is much information to be shared so if you invite me to provide a Free estimate we can discuss these matters more deeply.

I look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

Jerry Perkins   214-607-6454  jerry@bradfordreese.com